Made this really fun #bng dese

Made this really fun #bng desert scene for my clients first tattoo! Thanks for trusting me with your first tattoo! 🙏🏻 SWIPE RIGHT FOR DETAILS ➡️😁 #liquidtattoo #dynamicink #inkeeze #cheyennetattooequipment #rinsecup #criticalpowersupply #blackandgreytattoo #tattoo #twentyninepalms #yuccavalley


Sunset in Joshua Tree. #nofilt

Sunset in Joshua Tree. #nofilter . . . #joshuatree #twentyninepalms


A mid-week retreat in the dese

A mid-week retreat in the desert at @29PalmsInn. 📷: 29 Palms Inn


Marines with 2nd Battalion, 4t

Marines with 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, based out of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., lay suppressive fire at Range 230 while being evaluated by Coyotes with Tactical Training Exercise Control Group during ITX 1-18. Coyotes with Tactical Training Exercise Control Group evaluate Marines during training exercises for the purpose of improving their warfighting capabilities. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Dallas Hawley) #Marines #MarineCorps #USMC #Corps #DevilDog #OohRah #ITX #Training #Exercise #MAGTF #Range230 #TwentyninePalms #29Palms #CombatReady #Military #SemperFi #Yut #Motivation


My job is to rehabilitate stre

My job is to rehabilitate stressed/strange dog behavior. More often than not, the behavior can be greatly alleviated by treating the dog as a dog. Actually, many issues could have been avoided altogether if the owner had knowledge of dog psychology. So I hope that by sharing my thoughts, we can all learn together. 🐾 . For instance, you can see that Jacob is having a stressful dream. As a human, my gut reaction is to wake him and say “its ok, sweetie, its just a dream!” When a human suffers from nightmares, it helps to distract and revisit the issue later (ie. in therapy). Humans can do this because we can rationalize and remember. Dogs cannot. Their issues must be dealt with in the moment. 🐾 . So is my gut reaction truly helping the dog, or is it just fulfilling MY needs? In my work experience its the latter. The dog didn’t need or want that kind of help. In the longterm, a lifestyle of coddling dogs can create neurotic, stressed, even aggressive behaviors—not because of a lack of love, but a lack of knowledge. 🐾 . Dogs have instinctual skills to deal with stress. Without being told or taught to, Sophie calmly leans on Jacob. Soon Jacob’s dream cycle ends and he wakes, a bit disoriented. His first conscious sense is Sophie’s comforting body weight, grounding him. They continue about their day without incident. The dream didn’t hurt him, his brain processed what it needed to, and their bond strengthened. 🐾 . Coddling isn’t helpful. Sometimes we coddle them because WE want to feel needed. I’m not saying you’re evil or wrong—just be aware of how your actions help/hurt the dog. Dogs are teaching us 24/7 how to train them and build trust and respect... Just by being themselves. Its up to us to listen. 🐾 . Want to learn more about dog training without treats, tools, commands, or force? Pawsitivity offers in-home training & online consultations. 🐾


Joshua Tree National Park and

Joshua Tree National Park and town. Trees, bus stops, art, coyotes. Yee.


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