Theyre always causing trouble.

Theyre always causing trouble.... Had a lot of fun pretending to be in a rock n roll band this weekend. #crotchrocket #thesame #potcredit


12 years of difference but i s

12 years of difference but i still act like the same age as him ... And We both love the the same things. Surfing, snorkling and finished with a skate today. Love you bro #youngerbrother #brothers #12yearsolder #skating #thesame #family #surfers #hisfirstimesnorkiling


It hurts me to think that peop

It hurts me to think that people think differently of people who get special help in school. It doesn’t mean we are retarted. It’s just hard for us to learn. I’m in study skills just in case I have questions that or extra time that I wouldn’t get in class. That doesn’t make me different. Yes I learn slowly but I can do it. Reading is very hard for me but I try. Doesn’t make me different. I get biology but I have trouble reading, you can read but have trouble with biology how does that make us different. We all have things we struggle with that other people get. Please stop thinking of people who need help differently. #rant #thoughts #TheSame #different #equality #help #school


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