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~ Mi

▪ h o u s e b o a t ▪ ~ Mi piace il #silenzio che c’è, mi piace essere nel centro di Roma e non sentirlo, mi piace la vicinanza con l’acqua e i ​dieci metri al di sotto della strada. Dieci metri, la distanza perfetta: rumori e folle restano lontani ma basta una scalinata per tornarvi. È l’altezza dei muraglioni del lungotevere costruiti un secolo fa per combattere le piene che, in quell’epoca, quando arrivavano, allagavano buona parte del centro di Roma. Al di sopra, scorre la vita del centro di Roma, mentre il fiume – la città bassa – scandisce tempi e abitudini a sé stanti, appartenenti a vite invisibili sospese nei vuoti delle istituzioni. Da quando vennero costruiti i muraglioni, il Tevere ha cominciato a distaccarsi dal resto della città. Laggiù il #lusso convive con il degrado, la ricchezza và a braccetto con la #povertà. Le case galleggianti ospitano club sportivi d'elite con tessere socio da 30.000€ annui e più, ristoranti di lusso e clubhouse, costeggiano la banchina e respirano la stessa aria dove la notte, i senzatetto cercano un posto per dormire, e altri uno per drogarsi. All’alba, c'è il cambio: chi era sceso la sera, risale per immergersi nella città e chi riposava nei quartieri bene, la borghesia dei runner e ciclisti, scende per riprendere possesso della pista ciclabile. In una parola: la #suburra. Ma Roma è anche questo ~ ▪ #boat #boats #barche #barconi #tevereboat #ormeggio #barcheormeggiate #ship #tevereship #houseboat #casegalleggianti #houseboatevere #tevereship #muraglioni #muraglionitevere #subura #romantica #malfamato #immoralità #crimini #piena #pienadeltevere #tever #banchina


Free Saturday 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Free Saturday 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Beautiful morning right?? How's your weekend treating you #slikzafrique #saturdayvibes #saturday #subura #ahwenepankasa #akyekyede3akyi


Part 1 of 3.

It's been a week

Part 1 of 3. It's been a week since I posted and in that time I went from a high to a slump. Part of it, I think, was the blur of disassociation that often takes hold of me after three weeks on the road, when the transitions stretch my imagination thin and the layers of my surroundings pile up into an almost threatening montage. Part of it may be the fever I came down with in Florence, a stupid fault of my own due to inadequate clothing and excessive enthusiasm on a particularly chilly night. The cold leeches out of the ancient stones at night here. I fought it off over one long delirious night, my burning brain conjuring visions of Caravaggio dying of fever en route to Rome in 1610. I suspect it wore down my immune system though, because I've been a shade sluggish ever since. I made the move back to Rome a few days ago, arriving just in time for an archetypal sunset over the forum. I've been mostly working on photo shoots for a book project since then. I tried to write, but everything came out garbled and disconnected, so I discarded it all. My head is also stuck in the Renaissance and the projects here are completely unrelated to the ones I worked on in Florence. So, this was transition again, an existential state I've been experiencing - and writing a lot about - these past few years. I'm also a long way from home, by more measures than just the miles. The usual cure for fracture like this is a walk around all the usual places, only those walks the past few days have resulted in me noticing how much has changed. (It's like the frustrating-for-everyone habit I have of walking into my study at home, and instantly noticing if a book is missing or a chair moved.) I'm staying, as always, in Subura. This used to be a scruffy little district in the valley between the Esquiline and Viminal hills, a redlight area when Julius Caesar grew up here and later where Nero went whoring. Only now it's gentrifying, and there's vintage stores and tattoo parlors and record stores. The future flattening is creeping in. I used to think Rome would never change - couldn't - so this must just be my state of mind, right? (Cont'd...)


Ha, found something to do for

Ha, found something to do for off shoulder seasons - when it’s too cold to climb (some of my hardcore climbing friends would disagree with me) and not enough snow for skiing :-) fun! ... ... #mountainbiking #subura


Domani con la partita rigatoni

Domani con la partita rigatoni al sugo di coda alla vaccinara #goodnight🌙 #roma #vaccinara #coda #buonadomenica #subura #rionemonti #viaurbana #metrocavour #sempreaperti #amici #amiche #sognidoro


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