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Congratulations to this week's

Congratulations to this week's winner of the #goldenpupsquad 850k+ weekly feature @pupnamedbenny 🎉 Remember our shout outs AREN'T breed specific, so all breeds eligible not just goldens! To be eligible for a shoutout: 🐾Follow the @thegoldenpupsquad Instagram page 🐾Follow all members of The Golden PupSquad (tagged below) and The Golden PupSquad 2 (tagged in the photo) @greatgoldenbella @lifeofharleythedog @beau_thegolden @maeve_the_golden_retriever @feltonthepup @maxtheunderwearthief @mazelmoonstone @samson_and_c @dusty_bottoms_dog @lucylove_thegolden @quincy_gram 🐾Use the hashtag #goldenpupsquadfeature 🐾 Make sure your account is public! We want everyone to be able to see the winner's beautiful face


...aspiring to be the like the

...aspiring to be the like the famous meme doggo. 😂🐶


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