~ Pro tip - Keep cake 🎂 moi

~ Pro tip - Keep cake 🎂 moist by eating it in one ☝️sitting 😹 #deliciousnovember 💕🌧 #instafoodie 🍰🍫


Quinoa bowl with broccoli, cau

Quinoa bowl with broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, heart of palm and more from @trustfoodmx * * * * * * * * * #thepickyeaterseries #foodie #gastronomy #culture #foodphotography #gastronomykitchen #instafoodie #delicious #deliciousfood #travelfood #foodporn #salad #monterrey #quinoa #veggies #healthyfood #healthylifestyle


Cooking up a st

GIVE ME BEETS Cooking up a storm in the kitchen today. This time of year starts to get so busy for us and I’m determined to make sure we have good wholesome meals prepped for when we need them! .. Obviously it’s not perfect all of time but I feel good about the effort I do put in and love how mindful I’ve become about the foods that I am putting on my plate .. I like to ask myself things like what and why it’s there? What is is doing for me? Is there anything else I can add? And How does it makes me feel? .. Being involved in how we eat and how we feel about it is important and all apart mindfulness .. How often do we grab food or sit and eat a meal without even thinking about why we made that choice or how it makes us feel? .. Do you think about food as much as I do? 🤔 .. Plate dEATS Tri Colour Beets from my @spudyyc order Golden Beets, Candy Cane Beets & Reg Beets Roasted with OVOO and S&P Sunflower Shoots @thebasilranch Roasted Sweet Potato 🍠 Avocado & Soft Boiled Egg 🥚 @spreadem_kitchen Beet and Balsamic Cashew Spread


Tonight’s turbot landed last

Tonight’s turbot landed last night, with trompettes, chive veloute and Jerusalem artichokes.


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