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Builder Name: Dan Riley
Age: 3

Builder Name: Dan Riley Age: 33 Garage: @gunndsgn / Burnsville, MN Custom Motorcycle Name: “Maxx Headroom” BRAND/MODEL: 2017 BMW R Nine T Pure FRAME: Modified Stock STYLE: Hooligan TRANSMISSION: Stock ENGINE: 1170cc Boxer FRONT END: Race Tech – Performance-Tuned Conventional Fork, Professional Flat Track Use ABOUT THE ARTIST AND BUILD The start to Dan Riley’s career in motorcycling begins at the roots. “I am a 3rd generation enthusiast & builder. My grandfather was a prolific engine builder, machinist, and bike builder, dating back to at least the 1940s. He also has been coming out to the Rally for 60+ years,” he says. Dan’s father got his start on the minibikes of the 1950s, graduating up to big bikes and an early career in expert flat-track racing in the late 1960s. “I came on the scene in the 1980s, wrenching alongside my dad, building race bikes, and restoring vintage V-Twins,” Dan says. Dan’s first “official” solo project, was painting a 'totally OEM and historically intact' 1972 Z50. Dan took a small bottle of model paint and painted the whole gas tank with a small model paintbrush. Fast-forward to the present day and you can find Dan working as a prolific graphic designer and bike builder. Like most of the builders, Dan has no shortage of words when it comes to the subject of “Millennials.” “My 'generation' has really hit its stride in the last 5 years. Social media, and the internet has brought together like-minded individuals like never before. Hooligan culture is in full-force today, and Gen-Y'ers are creating some of the most progressive builds, and riding motorcycles like never before seen on planet earth. Right now, there seems to be no limit to what a rider can accomplish on their machine, and there's also no limit to what can be created. I credit my generation as the group who's carrying the torch, giving nod to the past, and pushing motorcycling to new heights.” #motorcyclesasart #oldironyoungblood #maa17 #sturgisbuffalochip #michaellichterphotography #gunndesign


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