New Blog 🚨. There was a 29-year-old Male Athlete that said, “This is wrong, and I will no longer stand by idly.” He realized that he had to do something to speak up regarding the police brutality that's going on all over the world. Kaepernick said, “enough is enough, and this needs to be heard in a way that everyone will notice.” He didn’t let the consequences scare him, and I'm sure he probably figured that whatever happened to him was worth it. He made a commitment to stand/kneel for Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Alton Sterling, and much more. To read more.. CLICK LINK IN BIO‼️‼️ * * * * * * dailytrend #worldnews #espn #takeaknee #takeakneeforjustice #fearforfreedom #americanflag #isupportcolinkaepernick


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