As some of you may know I have finished up my time with the beautiful Abe. I had my final ride today. Abe will always be a legend of a horse taking up a huge spot in my heart. My lease agreement referred to the following 5 values: Integrity, Respect, Friendship, Fun/Excitement and Communication. And my experience certainly adhered nicely πŸ‘Œ Thanks a bunch to Natasha for all of her positivity and guidance. Actually a GP rider who says β€˜what do you think?’!!! Thanks to Georgia, Kate and Megan for looking after Abe like the 5 star person he is. And a massive thank-you to my mother for forking over so much dough to help make my dreams come true πŸ˜‚ PC: @hackett_photos #dressage #dressagestyle #dressagefashion #mint #friesian #friesianstallion #stallion #blackstallion #blackhorse #rootd #ridersxoxo


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