OCHO...my Dobie that use to get a toe wet and have a melt down...now I can't keep him out of the water!! You have NO IDEA the smell that came off of these dogs yesterday😳🙄😂 They all got thrown to the bath hose the minute we got home!! The #Dobermans well, they #fancy and GLADLY stood without even a leash to get cleaned up...the #Malinois well, let's just say it did not go down the same way🙄it's a constant battle to keep that dog clean #SheNasty and ended up with 2 baths yesterday and one the day before...😡 #shesnotnormal she has #screwsloose Truth be told she's smarter than I am giving her credit here and I'm pretty convinced she does this stuff on purpose and just sits back watching me get annoyed all while smiling like the #LittleDevil she is!!


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Hahaha.... so funny, like my malinois. Loves to swim but rain? Shower? NO...he really don’t like that! 🙄

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