The two greatest enemies of the Assyrian people in the last 150 years have been radical Islamists, and the Kurdish warlords. These two groups have caused the most damage to the Assyrian people. The Kurdish Regional Government, one of the most corrupt and oppressive governments in the region, cannot even pay the salaries of its government employees. Yet they are asking for independence? Smart. Then again, Kurdiyah will be Kurdiyah. "Kurdistan" is based on a lie, with generations of illegal land theft, kidnapping, rape, and genocide against the Assyrian people. The Kurds have no historic or legal claim to northern Iraq. "Kurdistan" is not in Iraq or Syria, but in Iran and Turkey. The KRG capital is Erbil (Arbela). Arbela is one of the greatest cities in Assyria. The West must realize who the Kurds really are. The political parties that make up the KRG are not moderates who promote democracy, freedom and human rights. The Muslim world has used its strongest weapon to mislead, misinform and fool the west. What is its strongest weapon? Deception, the greatest weapon according to Sun Tzus "The Art of War" No to Kurdish annexation and occupation of the Nineveh Plains. The KRG cannot even afford to pay its government employees and their parliament members, yet they have the nerve to demand independence? #Assyrian #American #Senate #Congress #ThrowBack #Propaganda #Chicago #WashingtonDC #politics #History #MiddleEastern #Christians #Native #Iraq #Syria #Mesopotamia #Nineveh #NPU #Zowaa #ADM #Kurdish #Kurdistan #Myth #Trump #notokurdishoccupation #ISIS


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But akhuni, you need to ask: "Who's behind them?? Who's funding and supporting them??" (You may not like the answer...)


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Nice post still, @nerary_chi.


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