Join us tomorrow for the first of 20 FREE WEBINARS as Carly takes you through how to write the perfect Science IA 🔭⚗️📈we'll be getting underway at 19:00 CET #lanternalife #freewebinars #iblife


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How long will it last? And how to get the link to it ;)


@marta__karolina it's one hour! And you can find the sign up on our website ( ⭐️💙


Hey! Is it possible to have psychology IA webinars this year? Before Christmas ? :)


@marta__karolina Our Psychology IA webinar is on 19th January! 😎Since we already have lots of students signed up it can't be moved forward to before xmas.. But if you are in need of some help with it then we have lots of amazing tutors which would be happy to help you one-on-one via OPT ⭐️


So sad I didn't have any opportunity to participate because of the time :(

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